What is it? A software to help you to draw commutative diagrams in LaTeX, using the graphical package PGF/TiKZ.
Who wrote it? Me (Stefano Maggiolo) and Fabio Tonini.
Does it work on my machine? It does, if your environment has GTK and Python. Most Linuxes should do. If you are interested in doing a Windows / Apple port, please contact me, that would be awesome.


The most common choice to draw commutative diagrams in LaTeX is XY-Pic. Nonetheless, I found its output not pretty as it could be, and not tightly integrated with the appareance of the sorrounding text.

For this reason, I began using a different graphical package: PGF/TiKZ; being satisfied with the output, I developed this program in order to be able to compose diagrams fast (even during lectures).

Other people began using it in the everyday workflow. In this situation, a preview mode is very helpful. Fabio Tonini wrote this improvement.