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Some (maybe) useful tools


Generate a PDF to view diff on LaTeX source between commits. For example:

latexdiff-git --revision e26bbec file.tex

where you want to replace e26bbec with your commit hash.

Use --flatten if you are including other sources with \input or \include in your TeX.


Use git inside Emacs.

Run: M-x magit-status to see git status. From the status buffer you can:

  • stage files with s ,
  • commit your changes with c c (type the message then C-c C-c to actually commit),
  • do a git push P u or a git pull F u.


Convert epub in PDF.

pandoc -f epub -t latex --latex-engine=xelatex file.epub -o file.pdf

Other format and options in the manual.


Sync a local folder with a remote one.

rsync -auv "source_folder/" "user@<source>:<dest_dir>/"

See unix.stackexchange

Change PDF metadata

From command line:

exiftool -Title="This is the Title" -Author="Happy Man" -overwrite_original file.pdf

See askubuntu

Convert multiple files

for f in /path/*.jpg /path/*.JPG; do
    convert "$f" "${f%.*}.gif"

See askubuntu

See also:

Scripts for Mehve

  • rmapi: console to upload/dowload files on the rM cloud
  • rMview: livestream the screen
  • p2r: upload papers from arXiv
  • to export annotated PDF: use the mobile app.

More awesome resources on github.

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