Giacomo Lari


I am Giacomo Lari, Ph.D student of the University of Pisa. I was born on 22 July 1989 and I live in La Spezia (Italy) with my girlfriend Giulia and our dog Barnaba.
After I obtained my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics, I joined the physics mathematics research group of the Department of Mathematics of Pisa, beginning my Ph.D program. My main research interests regard celestial mechanics and space missions.
In particular, my Ph.D thesis concerns the dynamical evolution of the Laplace resonance. Apart from the study of the dynamics of the Galilean satellites involved in this mean motion resonance, I am investigating the contribution of the future JUICE space mission data to the determination of the dissipation in the system.
Since my Master's degree I have attended some courses of other university programs (such as Physics and Aerospace Engineering), in order to obtain different research instruments and a wider knowledge on space and astronomy, but also on more different fields. Recently I worked on the development of a new Shallow Water equations numerical solver, joining an INGV project.

Niagara Falls (white water walk), Ontario, Canada


Italian: I am an Italian mother tongue.
English: I speak English fluently and I like to read books of English/American authors in their original language.
French: Thanks to the three months I spent at the Observatoire de Paris, I can read, speak and comprehend French at an intermediate level.

Computer skills

Operative systems: Ubuntu and Windows
Programming languages: I have a good knowledge of Fortran90, C and bash. In particular Fortran90 is the language of the software I use and I helped to develop: Orbit14 (orbit determination software) and IMEX_SfloW2D (Shallow Water equations numerical solver).
Scientific programs: Matlab/Octave and R
Graphics programs: Gnuplot
Scientific writing: LateX
Web sites: html
During my Ph.D scholarship I learned the basic commands of some Astrophysics software, such as Sextractor, GDL and Ds9. Moreover I learned to use some software for the Fluid Dynamics, such as OpenFoam and ClawPack.

Baie-Sainte-Catherine, Quebec, Canada

Other interests

Apart from my research work, I have different interests
and hobbies (some old and some new):

  • Reading (in particular fantasy and science fictions)

  • Listening to music (in particular ska music)

  • Travelling (both exploring my region, Liguria and Lunigiana,
    and going around the world)

  • Juggling (up to 4 balls)

  • Mindfulness (this is my third year of practice)

  • Numismatics (roughly from the beginning of the 20th century)

  • Brewing (this is a new project)

  • D.I.Y. in general