Here is a list with my few works:

Prescribing metrics on the boundary of AdS 3-manifolds

We prove that given two metrics with curvature less than −1 on a closed, oriented surface of genus greater than 2, there exists an Anti-de-Sitter manifold with smooth, space-like, strictly convex boundary such that the induced metrics on the two connected components are equal to the two metrics we started with. Using the duality between convex space-like surfaces in Anti-de-Sitter space, we obtain an equivalent result about the prescription of the third fundamental form.

Constant mean curvature foliation of domains of dependence in Anti-de Sitter space

We prove that, given an acausal curve in the boundary at infinity of Anti-de Sitter space which is the graph of a quasi-symmetric homeomorphism, there exists a foliation of its domain of dependence by constant mean curvature surfaces with bounded second fundamental form. Moreover, these surfaces provide a family of quasi-conformal extensions of the quasi-symmetric homeomorphism we started with.