Here is a (selected) list of the invited talks I gave.

  1. On slice-torus link invariants and applications, Oberseminar Geometrie und Globale Analysis, Universitat Regensburg, 22-05-2019, Regensburg.
  2. Symmetric union knots and how to distinguish them, Workshop on Chekanov-Eliashberg algebra and knot invariants, Alfréd Rényi Institute, 10-03-2019, Budapest.
  3. Bracket polynomial: applications and generalisations, GATEAWAY Seminar, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, 28-01-2019, Coventry.
  4. Slice-torus link invariants and applications, Geometry and Topology Seminar, School of Mathematics, University of Glasgow, 26-11-2018, Glasgow.
  5. Slice-torus link invariants, Geometry and Topology Seminar, Mathematical Sciences, Durham University, 18-10-2018, Durham.
  6. Transverse invariants from the deformations of Khovanov sl(3) homology, Seminari di Geometria, Dipartimento di matematica di Pisa, 04-10-2018, Pisa.
  7. Slice-torus link invariants and Whitehead doubles, Seminari di Geometria, Dipartimento di matematica di Pisa, 09-05-2018, Pisa.
  8. On combinatorial bounds for Rasmussen’s s-invariant, Khovanov Homotopy Type, Alfréd Rényi Institute, 20-01-2018, Budapest.
  9. Contact Invariants from Khovanov-type homologies, PRIN Workshop on Geometry, Topology and Harmonic Analysis, Scuola Normale Superiore, 24-02-2017,Pisa.
  10. On a Bennequin-type inequality from Bar-Natan homology, LKS seminars, 07-02-2017, Regensburg.
  11. Invarianti combinatori di nodi (Combinatorial invariants of knots), Seminari di matematica dell'Università di Cagliari, 23-03-2016, Cagliari.
  12. Invariants for transverse knots from Khovanov-type homologies, ECSTATIC, Imperial College, 11-06-2015, London.
  13. Manici e funzioni di Morse (Handle Decompositions and Morse Functions), Seminari di matematica dell'Università di Cagliari, 19-12-2012, Cagliari.
  14. Fibrazioni di Lefschetz e Decomposizioni in manici (Handle decomposition of Lefschetz Fibrations), Seminari dei Baby-geometri, Università di Pisa, 23-11-2012, Pisa.
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