Rosario Mennuni
Model theory postdoc at Università di Pisa

Curriculum Vitae

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Papers and preprints
The Amalgamation Property for automorphisms of ordered abelian groups with J. Dobrowolski
(previous title: Dependent positive theories and automorphisms of ordered structures)
Vector spaces with a union of independent subspaces with A. Berarducci and M. Mamino
Model-theoretic dividing lines via posets with D. García
The domination monoid in henselian valued fields with M. Hils

Self-divisible ultrafilters and congruences in βℤ with M. Di Nasso, L. Luperi Baglini, M. Pierobon and M. Ragosta
Some definable types that cannot be amalgamated with M. Hils
On double-membership graphs of models of Anti-Foundation with B. Adam-Day and J. Howe
The domination monoid in o-minimal theories
Weakly binary expansions of dense meet-trees
Product of invariant types modulo domination-equivalence

Ultrafilters, congruences and profinite groups , Freiburg, June 2023
Automorphisms of ordered abelian groups, the Amalgamation Property, and dependent positive theories, Leeds, January 2023
The domination monoid in henselian valued fields, Colmar, September 2021
Viewpoints on stability and forking (mini-course), SMTH2, June 2021
Double-membership graphs of models of Anti-Foundation, Manchester, September 2019

Invariant types in model theory (PhD thesis)
Definable Groups, NIP Theories, and the Ellis Group Conjecture (Master thesis)

Model Theory Course Notes Pdf (source code inside)

Old Notes
Appunti Istituzioni di Algebra: Pdf (sorgente all'interno)
Neostability Theory notes: Pdf (source code inside)
Cardinal Characteristics and Large Cardinals notes: Pdf (source code inside)

I have removed some obsolete notes from this page.
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