Rosario Mennuni
Model theory postdoc at Università di Pisa

Curriculum Vitae

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Papers and preprints
The domination monoid in henselian valued fields
The domination monoid in o-minimal theories (to appear in JML)
Weakly binary expansions of dense meet-trees
On double-membership graphs of models of Anti-Foundation
Product of invariant types modulo domination-equivalence

The domination monoid in henselian valued fields, Colmar, September 2021
Viewpoints on stability and forking (mini-course), SMTH2, June 2021
Double-membership graphs of models of Anti-Foundation, Manchester, September 2019

Invariant types in model theory (PhD thesis)
Definable Groups, NIP Theories, and the Ellis Group Conjecture (Master thesis)

Appunti Logica Matematica: Sorgente Pdf
Appunti Istituzioni di Analisi: Sorgente Pdf
Appunti Teoria dei Modelli: Sorgente Pdf
Appunti Ultrafiltri e Metodi Non-Standard: Sorgente Pdf
Appunti Elementi di Geometria Algebrica: Sorgente Pdf
Appunti Teoria Descrittiva della Complessità: Sorgente Pdf
Appunti Istituzioni di Algebra: Pdf (sorgente all'interno)
Appunti Elementi di Topologia Algebrica (incompleti): Sorgente Pdf
Appunti Gargnano 2015: Pdf (sorgente all'interno)
Notre Dame Graduate Summer School 2016 notes: Pdf (source code inside)
Neostability Theory notes: Pdf (source code inside)
Cardinal Characteristics and Large Cardinals notes: Pdf (source code inside)
BPGMTC '17 notes: Pdf (source code inside)
Wrocław and Będlewo '17 notes: Pdf (source code inside)
Luminy '18 Notes Pdf (source code inside)
Modvac '18 Notes Pdf (source code inside)

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