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Research and pubblications
  • (October, 2011) Power classes of an extension of degree p of a p-adic field as filtered Galois module, [preprint].
  • (September 21, 2011) A family of Eisenstein polynomials generating totally ramified extensions, identification of extensions and construction of class fields, [arXiv:1109.4617], submitted.
  • (September 21, 2011) A characterization of Eisenstein polynomials generating cyclic extensions of degree p2 and p3 over an unramified p-adic field, [arXiv:1109.4616], submitted.
  • (September 9, 2011) Answer to a question on A-groups, arisen from the study of Steinitz classes (with Alessandro Cobbe), [arXiv:1109.2065], submitted
  • (November 1, 2010) Determination of the number of isomorphism classes of extensions of a p-adic field, [arXiv:1011.0357], published on Journal of Number Theory
  • (August 9, 2010) The 3-dimensional searchlight scheduling problem (with Giovanni Viglietta), [CCCG 2010 Proceedings], accepted on Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, 2010.
  • (March 16, 2010) On perfect hashing of numbers with sparse digit representation via multiplication by a constant, [arXiv:1003.3196], published on Discrete and Applied Mathematics.
  • (November 4, 2009) Left invertibility of I/O quantized linear systems in dimension 1: a number theoretic approach (with Nevio Dubbini and Antonio Bicchi), [arXiv:0911.0768].
  • (October 27, 2009) An equivalent of Kronecker's Theorem for powers of an Algebraic Number and Structure of Linear Recurrences of fixed length (with Nevio Dubbini), [arXiv:0910.5182], to appear on Acta Arithmetica
  • (March 19, 2009) Generation of the Symmetric Field by Newton Polynomials in prime Characteristic, [arXiv:0903.3192], to appear on Rocky Mountains Journal of Mathematics.