They go there with empty hands, [...] and come back with patterns.

Written on a white plaster wall in the workroom of the Oak Society in Telina-na.
You can find my preprints on arXiv, using my ORCID iD icon0000-0001-9935-9803 or below.

  • Refined Two Weight Estimates for the Bergman Projection
  • Quadratic sparse domination and Weighted Estimates for non-integral Square Functions
    with Julian Bailey and Maria Carmen Reguera.
    To appear in The Journal of Geometric Analysis.
  • A sparse quadratic $T1$ theorem
    New York Journal of Mathematics, 26 (2020), 1232-1272.
  • Sharp Strichartz inequalities for fractional and higher order Schrödinger equations
    with Diogo Oliveira e Silva and René Quilodrán.
    Analysis & PDE 13 (2020), 477-526.
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